Two Exercises to Make Uncomfortable Job-Search Tasks Easy

There are two sources of motivation. One is external and the other one is internal. Generally, internal motivation works better since doing things because ‘you want to’ is easier than being pressured to do something out of obligation. I wrote about this more in-depth in this post. Today I want to give you two exercises […]

The Six Steps to Landing Your Dream Job

  Start with 1. Regaining your time.

Three Exercises to Find the Perfect Job

When looking for jobs people often think about the money first, or worse, they think about what they ‘can and can’t do’. While it is important, basing your jobsearch on this is a surefire recipe for unhappiness and failure, so do it at your own risk. If you want to make sure to work at […]

Stop Procrastinating on Your Job-Search: The Six Principles of Productivity

In this post you will learn how to stop procrastinating and use your willpower effectively. In order to get the most out of this post, get up and look for a pen and paper. I can’t make you stop procrastinating so just do me (and yourself) the favor, summon all your willpower and DON’T put […]