Career Advice for Renegades


Hi, I’m Matt.

A few years ago, I dropped out of college. After being told repeatedly that I was throwing my life away, I decided to take back control.

I became obsessed with studying people who had incredible career success even without the proper degrees, connections or experience. As I learned and applied all the lessons I gained, I found myself giving advice more frequently.

I don’t know when exactly it became a business for me, but I do know that I’m incredibly proud to have helped thousands of liberal arts graduates and career changers through my articles, products, and coaching.

I’ve demystified questions that truly matter to our generation. Questions like:

  • How do I get experience when no-one will hire me?
  • Is it really possible for liberal arts majors to get a good job?
  • Is it possible to have both freedom and security in a job I love?
  • Is college the only path to success?

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How can this site help you?

Here’s the deal: I think we as a society have “jumped the shark” in terms of career advice.  If I see another person recommend “following your passion” or “becoming a lawyer is a sure fire way to make money,” I think my bullshit meter is going to explode.

  • How do you act on “follow your passion”?
  • What if you don’t want to “become a lawyer”?
  • What if you got your liberal arts degree, and don’t know what to do with it?

This site is all about REAL advice for finding the job/career of your dreams.

We’re self-made because we take vague advice like “find your passion” and break it down it into actionable steps.

 We’re renegades because we reject common advice like “becoming a lawyer is the only way to make money,” and instead focus on those throughout history who have managed to succeed while still taking the path less traveled.

Every word on this site is designed to take those with ambition, who are meant to do something incredible and unconventional, and give them the road map to success.

  • Liberal arts students? It’s possible to get a job in any field you want.
  • Switching careers? We got you covered.

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