CharlieHoehn Readers – Get Hired Now with the Skill Bridge Technique

Giving SpeechHey there,

If you’re reading this , it’s probably because you just read my case study about Nick on Charlie’s blog.

I wanted to put together a short guide for you that will help with any and all problems you have while trying to use the Skill Bridge Technique to get your dream job.

What You Get

  • Case studies (including a video interview with Nick).
  • Two detailed posts on finding a job you love, plus an excel spreadsheet.
  • Examples of exactly how to find a company’s problems.
  • Real proposals that students used to get hired.

How it Works

The blog posts you can get immediate access to. For the downloads all you need to do is enter your email. This will give you access to my members area, as well as the SMR exclusive email list, where I send out content that’s every bit as detailed and actionable as the post I put on Charlie’s site.

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I hope you enjoy it!

Step 1: Be Inspired

A couple of case studies and interviews of people just like you who landed their dream job with the skill bridge technique. Check out “Salesman to Business Analyst” to hear Nick’s story in his own words.

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