How to Get a Job Without Experience

How to Get Experience
This is the problem of the college grad.

It’s the paradox of the career changer, the million dollar question that college seems to gloss over and career books treat as a non-issue.

It’s that age old problem of “the experience paradox.” So the question remains… how to get experience when no-one will hire you? How to get hired when you have no experience?

The Solution

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to get around this paradox. Don’t underestimate the power of this technique, I’ve seen it work over and over again with friends, clients, and strangers. A secret that no-one considers… except those who succeed.

Here it is: Get experience WITHOUT getting hired.
A deceptively simple technique we refer to in my premium coaching program as “Project Based Learning”.

Don’t worry about getting hired, worry about getting results.  Figure out what skills are needed for your dream job, then create a project that uses those skills. This project may be a personal project, it might be a project you do for a company (without ever getting hired), or something you work on with a partner. The distinguishing feature of these projects are this:

  1. You’re not going through a formal hiring process
  2. You’re getting the type of real world experience and results that makes companies drool.
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The Results

A few things happen when apply this technique correctly:

  • You learn your skills faster than any course could teach you them.
  • You become more attractive to employers.
  • You make the perfect connections needed to land your dream job.
  • You create press and buzz about yourself so that job offers come to you.

I have a LOT to say about project based learning. More than I can fit in a single post. So I’ve created a list of resources below.

Getting Started – How to Get a Job Without Experience


Step 1: Get Inspired

Read and watch some real life case studies of people just like you who landed their dream jobs with no experience.

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I have a lot more planned for this guide, including:

  1. How To Get Paid Without Applying To a Job
  2. The Best Resources for Getting Experience from Around the Web
  3. and more…

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