Introducing the first ever intensive six month personal mentorship program with exact blueprints, scripts, tactics, and strategies on how to get any job, in any field, without a degree, experience, or great connections

 What is Self-Made Renegade?

Self-Made Renegade is a proven, step-by-step, personalized, six month program to rapidly learn a new skill, become an expert in an industry, and get your first paying job in that field – without ever attending a single college class on the subject.

Self-Made Renegade is loaded with step-by-step action guides,  mind-maps, accelerated learning tools, cut-and-paste examples, and case studies of successful Self-Made Renegades. They have already gone through the process, and come out on the other side with good paying jobs (many go on to use the experience from these jobs to launch their own successful businesses).

Most importantly, you’ll have unlimited access to me through daily calls, weekly trainings, and monthly mastermind meetings.  I’ll also be bringing in guest instructors, including mastermind members, friends, and previous clients of mine who all have successful careers using the principles we teach.

 Check out what others have to say

Look at the three people below.  They were all average, everyday college students whose majors would give them little to no options in the current job market.

But when they applied these powerful techniques, look what happened:

Kevin Phan - Internet BadassWhen I started Self-Made Renegade coaching, I didn’t have a job, had never done anything on the web, and was busy getting a liberal arts degree.  Since then, I’ve been involved with several launches of high profile products online. I used  the experience and credibility gained from my Self-Made Renegade experience to work on million dollar campaigans as an advertising consultant.

Ben Sima - Sports Engineer

I was a philosophy major always starting projects, but with no results and no direction. Now? Using the tactics taught in Self-Made Renegade, I’m the CEO of a funded sports engineering company. So far we’ve raised $12,000 in grant money. We’re  currently focused on raising capital for our first seed round. I was also recently invited to speak at the prestigious “Under 20 Summit” for young entrepreneurs. Things are only looking up from here.

Don Wang - Web MarketerBefore joining the Self-Made Renegade mastermind, I was in school working towards an Economics degree.  I decided to break into the burgeoning industry of Online Marketing, but didn’t know how. With the help of the Self-Made Renegade mastermind, I seized a competitive internship with a fast-growing email marketing consultancy, which I leveraged into a full-time position. Now I manage up to 9 Internet Retailer 500 companies with over $10,000,000 in combined revenue.

Compare these amazing results to the typical excuses I hear:

  • The job market just isn’t good; no one is getting hired right now.
  • I was stupid and chose the wrong major. Maybe I should just go back to school.
  • I get too distracted by the internet. If I could just focus, I could easily get a job.
  • I’m not a wage slave. I just want to start my own company.

What is the difference between the people who make excuses and the people who succeed?

The excuse makers accept everything that society tells them about how the job market works. They accept that a bad job market means bad individual prospects. They accept that their major determines their destiny. They all blame an outside or unchangeable force for the position they end up in.

For them, there’s only one path: the path drummed into them by their parents and society since a very young age. They take the traditional advice that says “go to school, work your ass off, get a degree, and get a job.”   And when that doesn’t work, they decide to sit around, maybe send in a few job applications, and lament about “the awful job market.”

The Self-Made Renegades, like those pictured above,  take matters into their own hands. They question all traditional societal beliefs about how the job market works, and instead, study the methods of other Self-Made Renegades who had succeeded despite all the supposed disadvantages.

The Self-Made Renegades take control of their destiny, and as a result, they’ll reap the benefits for the rest of their lives. 

My Story

Matt Goldenberg - Founder of Self-Made RenegadeHi, I’m Matt.  Three years ago, I dropped out of school.  I had too much debt and no idea where I was going with my life.  I was working a dead end job, living at home with my parents.

I became obsessed with the idea that I could still succeed, despite the fact that I dropped out. That’s when I started studying other young successful people who had succeeded in their field without any formal credentials.  And the more I studied, the more I found that there were specific, repeatable patterns and techniques that each of these individuals had used to succeed.

That’s when I decided to follow the same process myself.  I’m currently working at a job that REQUIRES a four year degree, and I don’t have a single college credit in the field.

So I started to ask myself some questions:

  • Could other people apply this same process to succeed themselves?
  • Are there other people who are held back by the traditional job search approach?
  • What really stops people from getting their dream job? 

I set out to answer these questions.  I created a mastermind group of other young men who were looking to become Self-Made Renegades. Shortly after, I created a coaching practice based purely on referral.  Week in, week out, I met with my coaching clients and mastermind members to share the principles of successful Self-Made Renegades.  Without fail, those who applied the principles succeeded.  Along the way, we improved and refined the process.

How Will This Program Help You?

You’ll learn how to get any job, in any field, without a degree, the right experience, or great connections.

Module 1: Completely Defeat Procrastination, End Internet Addiction, and Regain Productivity
Without Using Willpower

If you’ve ever sat down to begin your job search only to be distracted by the likes of Facebook, Reddit, or Pinterest, Module One will change all that.  After month one, you’ll be able to sit down at the computer and work with complete focus – and you won’t even have to give up your favorite websites.

Most people who try to defeat their procrastination focus on “using willpower.” This would work, except for two problems:

  1. You have a finite amount of willpower on any given day (scientific fact).
  2. Marketers are spending billions of dollars developing these websites that will distract you.

That’s why people who focus on using willpower to beat procrastination end up failing; they’re pitting their limited willpower against the marketers’ billions of dollars.  This module will teach you an alternative approach to regaining your productivity, without having to use up your precious willpower.

You’ll learn…

  • The six step process to regain your productivity without giving up anything.
  • How to make time for visiting your favorite websites without feeling like they’re consuming your life.
  • The secret to never get distracted again.
  • The trick marketers use to keep you coming back for more and how to turn the tables so you’re in control.
  • The one mindset shift that will dramatically increase your productivity.

Module 2: Become Well Known in the Industry of Your Choice, Gain Credibility, and Get Press
For Free

If you’ve ever gone into an interview and had to sell the interviewers on who you are and what you’ve accomplished, you’re doing it wrong.  In Module Two, we’ll teach you how to become well known in your industry and get people talking about you before ever meeting them in person.  We’ll also show you how to gain “credibility indicators” that will make you trustworthy to anyone who’s thinking about hiring or writing a story about you.

This technique is absent from almost all job search literature; there is no equivalent in the traditional career hunting approach. That’s why this module alone will give you a leg up on the competition.  If you can master the skills taught here, the course will have payed for itself.

You’ll learn..

  • How to catch the attention of big players in your industry.
  • The trick to creating buzz about yourself in the field—even as a newbie.
  • How to get press and gain credibility with reporters without a relevant degree.
  • How to stop chasing your big break and instead have opportunities come to you.
  • Tools to make people feel like they know you and what you’ve accomplished, without a meeting or résumé.

Module 3: Become Versed in any Subject, or Learn any Skill
In a Fraction of the Time and Cost of a College Degree

 If you’ve ever regretted that philosophy degree or that “practical” degree in finance, this module is for you.  After month three, you’ll acquire career skills quicker and more effectively than a college major.

When learning career skills, most people think a college degree will suffice.  While a degree can be effective, there’s three major issues with relying on college as a career accelerator.

  1. College is expensive, and debt limits how creative you can be when looking for a job.
  2. College takes a lot of time. Often, career skills are obsolete when you finally enter the workforce.
  3. Most degrees focus on theory. They say little about how you’ll handle problems in the real world.

That’s why college grads are often surprised when it’s so hard to get a job.  They believe their degree alone qualifies them for a job, but companies are looking for much more.  This module will teach you how to acquire real-world skills—not theory—making you irresistible to companies.

You’ll learn…

  • The technique to quickly become knowledgeable in any field, using only three books.
  • How to rapidly determine which skills are in demand for your field.
  • How to drastically cut down on learning time and accelerate your progress.
  • The most effective way to get mentors—who help you avoid mistakes and gain insider knowledge.
  • Why people fail when learning new skills and how to avoid this common mistake to finally succeed.

Module 4: Meet the Right People, Make the Right Impressions, and Get the Right Introductions
To Break Into the Industry of Your Choice

If you’ve ever gone to a networking event and left empty-handed, this module is for you.  Most people realize that networking is critical to finding a job, but their strategy is flawed. They go to “networking events” put on by a college or chamber of commerce and hand out business cards, but  these events are often a waste of time. Here’s why:

  1. Most participants are unemployed and lacking connections. These people add little to your network.
  2. Well-connected attendees are inundated with requests.  They don’t have time to truly invest in you.

The end result is that most people gain little from networking, because they don’t do it correctly.  In this module, you’ll learn to network properly. You’ll learn how to access the right people and make a great impression.

You’ll learn…

  • Why “networking events” are a scam and alternatives that will gain you access to powerful people.
  • How to use one sentence to stand out from everyone you meet, even from a two minute conversation.
  • Templates for thank you notes and follow-up scripts that instantly put you ahead of the competition.
  • The simple technique to appear an excellent conversationalist, even if you think you’re boring.

Module 5: Get Experience in Your Field, Get Your Name on High Profile Projects, and Create a Portfolio
Without Applying to Internships

If you’ve ever waited for a call back from yet another internship, this module is for you.  It’s true, you need experience to meaningfully contribute at a job, and many people assume internships are the best avenue. However, internships are often a fool’s errand for two reasons:

  1. Interns represent a big risk, so they’re given menial jobs that are useless on a résumé.
  2. Everyone is applying for internships.  Even with a degree, its hard to stand out from the crowd.

After failing to land an internship, many people give up and start applying for jobs.  Without real experience however, getting a job is near impossible.  In this module, you’ll learn unconventional strategies to gain experience that are less crowded and more meaningful to employers.

You’ll learn…

  • The effective alternative to internships, which is easier to acquire and more impressive on your résumé.
  • The secrets behind becoming a desirable apprentice whom mentors want to help.
  • Copy and paste scripts for contacting people who you want to work with and getting them to respond.
  • How to take one project and leverage it into a long term relationship that can give you steady work. 
  • The secret to getting solid referrals. You’ll never have to initiate contact again once you put this into place.

Module 6: Get Your First Paying Job in Your Field
Without Ever Writing a Résumé or Going to a Single Interview

This is what you’ve been building up to.  You’ve gone through the process, earned all the experience, and met the right people. You confidently browse through Craigslist, select a job you’re highly qualified for, and submit the perfect résumé. Then…nothing.  You fell for one of the most pervasive myths of the traditional job search: the myth that job boards and classifieds are an effective way to look for a job. There’s two problems with this tactic:

  1. Most jobs get filled before they ever get posted to a job board or classified. Fact.
  2. When an opening reaches a job board, hundreds of qualified applicants also seize the opportunity.

That’s why many people are on the job market for extended time periods. They don’t know the proper channels and techniques to get hired. In this module, you’ll learn how to get companies begging to hire you.

 You’ll learn…

  • Why Craigslist and Monster are a waste of time and how to find jobs that are never listed on any website.
  • Templates and examples of successful proposals to help you get your dream job.
  • Why résumés are an ineffective way to get a company’s attention and what to use instead.
  • The strategy that will make companies jump through hoops just to hire you.
  • How to get hired without ever going to a formal interview.

How this program can help you as an entrepreneur:

There will be a certain subset who read this page, know that they need to learn most of the skills listed, but absolutely detest the idea of using these skills in order to work for someone else.  If this describes you, I just want to let you know that I understand.  I too consider myself an entrepreneurial spirit, and I used to have the mindset that it was a waste of time to be building something for someone else when I could be building it for myself.

However, after becoming a student of self-made renegades throughout history, I came  to realize how truly erroneous this idea was.  Every entrepreneurial self-made renegade I know of went through a period of learning and growth before they truly came into their own as entrepreneurs.  Most of them, through finding work that would literally pay them to learn the necessary skills.  Rather than talk about this myself, let me show you some words from self-made renegades who make any small modicum of success I have look like peanuts.

“… the most significant decision in my business career—to find someone who is massively successful and go to work for him. Through that, I got into the world of marketing and sales.”

-Eben Pagan, Multi-Millionaire Internet Marketer

“I call working for entrepreneurs “training at altitude.”…  3 years on your own would teach you what working for somebody like me…would teach you in 3 months. So don’t be shy to get a job and work hard for a few years.”

-Dan Andrews, Founder of a Seven Figure Retail Business and Creator of TropicalMBA 

” you must choose places of work and positions that offer the greatest possibilities for learning. Practical knowledge is the ultimate commodity, and is what will pay you dividends for decades to come.”

-Robert Greene,  Four Time International Best Selling Author

Here are some things you need to know about the program:

 It’s going to cost $197 a month(and will continue to go up as spots are filled). Considering my old $100/hr coaching fee, this is ridiculously low. I’m doing this for the pilot because I want to focus on getting the BEST clients possible, and I don’t want anyone to be turned away by price.  The case studies created in this program will be used in the eventual Self-Made Renegade coaching product.

You must agree to take action. I will do everything I can to help you break free, gain independence, and live life on your own terms, but YOU must take action and apply the strategies and systems I give you.


The Bonus

As a member of Self-Made Renegade, you’ll get all future memberships, websites, products, seminars, conferences, and products we produce. For Free. For the next five years. This bonus alone more than justifies the cost of the program and is worth well over $10,000.

My 110% Guarantee

If, after 6 months, you’re not satisfied with what you’ve accomplished, just send me an email detailing the action you took.  I’ll not only refund all your money, I’ll give you an extra $100 (%10) of pocket cash. 

That’s how confident I am in the material I’m teaching.

 How to Get REJECTED From This Program

Self-Made Renegade is about taking 6 highly motivated, incredibly driven individuals, and getting every single one of them employed at their dream jobs, in their dream careers, in 6 months or less.

That’s not a small feat, and in order to accomplish it, I’m going to be RUTHLESS about who I accept into the program.

If any of the following apply, you will be rejected:

  • You want to become a doctor, lawyer, or any other position that is government regulated. I can’t help you.
  • You want to become an entrepreneur, but aren’t willing to put in a couple years to get experience in the industry and figure out what the market needs.
  • You already have a degree in the field you want to enter.  This program is not about writing a résumé… it’s about not having to write a résumé.
  • You don’t have at least 15 hours a week that you can dedicate to breaking into a new industry.

Likewise, I’m going to be very picky about the character of every individual who I accept. It takes a special kind of person to do something in 6 months that should take years.  We have no room for:

  • Armchair Philosophers who talk a good talk, but never take action.
  • People who think that they need a fancy degree before they can start a career.
  • Close minded people who dismiss new ideas without first trying them to the fullest.
  • Value takers who want to take as much as they can from the group without giving back.

Before you go on, look deep inside yourself…

  • Will you fully commit to the program?
  • Will you be willing to try out techniques and tactics that push you outside of your comfort zone?
  • Will you fully seize every opportunity that comes your way during this time, without hesitation?

If you can answer yes to all these questions, then read on.

How You Can Get Accepted to the Program

How you treat the application process will tell me as much about you as the things you say about yourself. If you want to be accepted to the program, you should keep the following things in mind.

  • The application is there for a reason, take the questions seriously. I’m expecting more than one sentence answers here. Show me your desire.
  • I’m looking for action takers who know what they want. I’ll be more likely to consider a decently written application that’s sent in the day the program is announced, than one sent in a few days later from someone who was procrastinating on making a decision.
  • Show initiative. I’ll be getting lots of well written applications… What else can you do to show that you really want this?
  • The call is just as important as the application.  I should hear the resolve and excitement in your voice.

If you want one of the six two slots, please do the following (in this order– no exceptions)…

Send in an application answering every question to the best of your ability. Take this seriously. (Get to the application by clicking the button below.)


If you’re accepted, I’ll let you know within 48 hours and tell you how to pay.. You will not be considered a member until your payment has been submitted. Applications will be considered on a first come, first served basis. There is no application deadline and the spots will be filled by the first eligible candidates.

With all this in consideration, I very much look forward to working with you *if* this program is the right fit for you.


Apply Now

Limited Availability

There are only two spots left.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a money back guarantee? 

A. Yes. If after six months, you decide the program is not for you, you will get a 110% refund.

Q. What makes you qualified to teach this material? 

A.I’m currently at a job that REQUIRES a four year degree for an applicant to be considered, and I don’t have a single credit in the field.  I have clients and mastermind members that have achieved C-level, positions, including CEO, CWO, and CMO, without any degree that would in theory “qualify them” for these positions.  I’ve also spent countless hours studying other Self-Made Renegades who have done the same thing. Some of this information is available in books, but much was garnered only by in-person interviews.

Q. Why is a college dropout teaching college students?

A.This course is all about how to get a job without a degree in that field… the fact that I don’t have ANY degree, and have done it, makes me qualified to teach it.

Q. Why are there only six slots available?

A. As a pilot program, I want to be able to give each and every member personalized attention.  Six is the maximum I think I can take, and still be able to get on the phone with each and every member, every day.

Q. What if I want to start my own business—can you help me?

A. The short answer: Yes. The long answer: You’ll learn more in 3 months working for an experienced entrepreneur in your industry, than you will in 3 years trying to start up on your own.  I can get you that job.